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Quickly import products from your suppliers and get real-time stock-level updates.

Make efficiency gains

Substantial increase in efficiency when populating your retail system and ecommerce database means a huge time saver. No more monotonous hours spent adding products.

Secure sales you may have missed out on otherwise. Quickly check available supplier stock straight from your till. Therefore you can sell items that aren't in stock and give accurate delivery times. This enables you to sell more and increase profits. Streamline your supply chain by adding minimums and maximums to stock levels. Stock is then automatically ordered in saving you time and ensuring you don't run out of stock of those popular items.

What's the big deal?

SIM is focused on making your life as a retailer easier ...

Helping you focus on the important things such as being on the shop floor selling product rather than in the office creating a product file. SIM allows our customers to benefit from a much closer relationship with their suppliers and makes it much, much easier to sell their product. This makes it very popular with retailers and suppliers alike.

Real-time stock check

SIM feeds live information straight to your store POS. Therefore if a customer needs a size you don''t have, the item is out of stock or is looking for a specific product you can still offer them the sale with accurate delivery information. Thus offering an improved service and avoiding lost sales.

Product import

Adding new products to your range and adding/updating products on the website can consume a lot of time. SIM provides the information you need both for your in store retail management system and your ecommerce site.

Import: In store

Product codes, prices and details can be imported at the click of a button. So when you are adding this seasons products or new items all the leg-work is done for you, information is ready to import in the format that you need. This is a huge time saver!!

Import: Online

Populate website listings with Item descriptions, images, sizes, weights, colours and more. When you are activating products online and optimising them for search engines, with one click of a button SIM will drag the short and long description from the suppliers and populate these fields. It by no means does all the work for you as we always recommend using some original content as part of your descriptions but it does give you a boost.

Sell stock your supplier holds

Stock sells though all mediums i.e. website, amazon & in store your stock levels automatically update. With SIM supplier stock information feeds directly to you including lead times. This means you can still display and sell items that are out of stock. Delivery times are automatically amended based on supplier lead times. This helps you to increase sales that may otherwise been lost and secures customers are aware of delivery times and not disappointed.

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