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Task Pad

The free, quick access till screen for fast service - ideal for a café or take away service.

This easy to use interface reduces time at the till, helping you provide great customer service.

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Nifty for serving customers on the go

Citrus-Lime's Task Pad is a handy way of registering fast selling, low cost products, such as snacks in your store.

Baked into Cloud POS, Task Pad makes light work of everyday transactions that pass through the till regularly. It's particularly useful for products that have no barcodes, like slices of cake or different sized drinks.


Fast, flexible and convenient

This user focused tool, is ideal for businesses that have an in-store café or take away facility. The interface is in an easy-to-read button format so it's simple to serve customers quickly.

Task Pad's powerful software allows you to handle unusual orders easily, like coffees with lots of extras. What's more, have all the benefits of intelligent business reporting too, with Cloud Reports.

Developed especially for you

Task Pad is completely free and has been created as a result of feedback from our customers. We're always open to suggestions of developing quicker, easier ways of doing things. That way, you can focus on other areas of your business.

Task Pad: quick till processing for great customer service.

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