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Digital Marketing Services

We develop and manage highly targeted online shopping campaigns to drive sales and help your business thrive.

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Market-leaders in Google Shopping

Being able to promote products online is a valuable revenue opportunity for your business. Citrus-Lime has spent over two decades working with independent retailers, providing us with a deep, data driven, understanding of how people shop online.

We offer online marketing services, ranging from Google and Bing Shopping campaigns to enhancing your website's performance through Search Engine Optimisation. In a world where online shopping is the norm, it pays to have an ad campaign that delivers outstanding results.

Our process and approach

Working with you, we'll develop a targeted campaign centred around brands, seasons and products. We do this by interpreting extracted data from your Cloud POS and Ecommerce.

By continually monitoring this data, we shape an effective campaign to drive customers to your website. But it doesn't end there. Each campaign is designed to encourage those site visits to convert in to sales. We target 1000% Return on Investment. This is the sweet spot that generates the highest possible revenue for you.

Driving store visits

We offer a range of digital marketing services to help you achieve your goals. If you're looking to communicate with your customers, we can help.

Besides our Shopping campaigns, we create Google Display Ads, Dynamic Search Ads and remarketing ad campaigns (the ones that follow you around the web). We also offer Google Local Inventory Ads which advise shoppers when a product they're searching for is in stock and within 30 miles of their location. This is instrumental in encouraging Click & Collect purchases.

Working with Sebastian and the team from Citrus-Lime on our Google Shopping campaign has been fantastic. Their expertise and professionalism made the process painless for us and brought the online store to a much wider audience. We're delighted to see our growth in online revenue with the teams help.
The service received from Citrus Lime has been top notch. They've operated as an extension of our marketing team and have provided valuable additional insight into many areas of our digital marketing. They've helped us with everything from strategy right through to implementation. I would recommend them very highly.
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