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CV Submissions not specific to an available role will be read on receipt and kept on file but we may not neccessarily get in touch.

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Why work for Citrus-Lime?

Being interested in the same things as our customers is key to the work ethic of Citrus-Lime, it gives us that added incentive and knowledge of the industries we work in. Having the industry specialism and knowledge makes our offering the best in these areas. Having an interest in the outdoors makes it easy to be passionate about our day job!

We value your contribution more highly than your longevity

We have a strong track record of quickly recognising and developing talented, committed and hard-working team members to both improve their skills and, in turn, their salary position.

We value talent above qualifications

We are the ideal company to work with if you are looking to demonstrate your abilities but may lack some of the qualifications that many companies require. Your talent and passion for what you do — wanting to learn more and become the best in your field — is more important than a piece of paper with a qualification on, in our eyes.

We provide Learning Support with your experienced colleagues

Ongoing help and support from your peers and senior staff leads to continuous learning for everyone. We all improve when we share knowledge.

We offer job security

15 years on and still going from strength to strength. Citrus-Lime is founded on the idea that a consistent team of engaged people leads to growth and success. Our customers are reassured that they can talk to the same people time and time again. It's a win-win situation for everyone when we commit to each other.

A fantastic working environment

We are based in Ulverston — in the historic landmark — the Lantern House and in Manchester, near the Manchester Central on Oxford Road.

Providing a friendly and supportive environment is incredibly important to us. It's hard work here but good times are found daily.

Kevin, Neil & Grant ride out with friends.
Grant & Suzy share a mid-ride laugh.
Pat discusses SIM with Patagonia.
David prepares our Interbike stand.
Clara enjoys a trott out on Luka.

How you can make your contribution

1. Deliver exceptional Customer Service

Deliver exceptional Customer Service every day; the kind that generates word of mouth amongst our customers and leads new business to our door.

2. Help to create meaningful products and services

Create and provide market leading systems, software and services that have a meaningful contribution to make to the success of our customers and help them to grow.

3. Understand the motivations of your customers

Understand the motivations of your customers — what it is that they do, how they do it and (perhaps most importantly) why. Be open and honest with them.

4. Commit to and promote the Core Values of Citrus-Lime

Pursuing growth through having a strategy and sticking to it. We need to drive commercial value for our customers through pursuit of the common strategy.

5. Become an expert in your specialist products and services

Know the products, ensure you understand what is on offer and share knowledge whenever possible. Be enthusiastic to learn. You're pushing on an open door if you want more responsibility and more opportunities to progress.

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