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About Us

Our mission is to empower Citrus-Lime customers to overcome the big
challenges through the use of our End-to-End platform.

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We're fully committed to helping our retail customers succeed

Being interested in the same things as our customers is key to the work ethic of Citrus-Lime, it gives us that added incentive and knowledge of the industries we work in. Having an interest in the outdoors makes it easy to be passionate about our day job.

We offer a cutting edge Retail System, as well as the expertise and knowledge to drive all our customers forward to develop and grow their businesses.

Since '99

Citrus-Lime, founded in 1999, started out as a pure tech company. Over the years we've developed and tailored our techy skills to meet the needs of the independent retailer within the industries we love. Now the technology is simply a tool within the solutions we provide. Citrus-Lime are a team of talented individuals that have the knowledge of industry specific retail. We train and transfer our knowledge to customers enabling them to optimise our systems, not just use them.

"Creating sustainable independents is our mission. We train and transfer our knowledge to customers enabling them to optimise our systems, not just use them." Neil McQuillan, CEO.

We personally value the independent

A passion for cycling, outdoors and the independent retailer have been the drivers in our solutions. Creating sustainable independents is our mission, we feel the experience of shopping at your local independent is something to protect and build upon. We aim to provide the tools and the "know how" that enables independents to take on the big boys of retail.

"Passion for sustaining the independent retailer. Deliver retail solutions via first rate communication. Work with retailers as a partnership. Innovative and forward-thinking systems and design. Success and profitability of our customers is our focus and measure of our success." Neil McQuillan, CEO.

Whole Team Commitment

Our values echo through all the team at Citrus-Lime. Every member is committed to providing the best service and communication we rate so highly. We want every experience with Citrus-Lime to be a great one.

Neil McQuillan, CEO

I'm passionate about small business, have a love of creating software and I'm addicted to the outdoors, particularly the English Lake District. I've decided to devote my career to helping independent outdoor and cycle retailers.

We can see with the rise of Click & Collect and ecommerce that retailers need systems which allow them to compete with the larger retailers; we can build and develop systems which allow our customers to beat the larger guys.

More importantly, we've years of experience and over thirty-five staff who can show independents how to make their businesses profitable so they can pay their staff properly, invest in the business and be financially rewarded for the wonderful passion (the outdoors) which they've also devoted their careers to. We can help with the financial side of range planning, clearance and ensuring the business operates at a profit. We have the people and technology to help with this.

I'd like to make some money along the way so we can pay our hard-working staff well and the sector retains people with the key commercial skills the sector needs.

Meet the team

Neil McQuillan CEO | Chief Software Architect

James Steel Director | Head of Business Development

Kevin Bigland Director | Ecommerce Developer

Neil Wright Director | Head of Operations

Steph Watson Ecommerce Designer

Grant Hadwin Head of Sales & Supplier Partnerships

Suzy Weightman Head of Cloud POS Development

Jenna Lees Head of Customer Support

Lewis Sherratt US General Manager

Connor McPherson Digital Marketing Services Team

Patrick Adamson AutoSIM Team Leader

Steve Bettinson Senior Support Team Member & Second Line Support

Ben Kippax Ecommerce Developer

Ben Allen Software Developer

Samantha Rhodes Human Resources & Office Manager

Cate Barnes Success Team Leader

Rebecca Clarke Quality Assurance Team Leader

Nicola Wright Financial Controller & Office Manager

Pete Jennens AutoSIM Team Member

Roxie Thomas Senior Support Team Member & Development Liaison

Bethany Graham-Kevan Success Team Member

Stacey Hall Software Developer

Debbie Cameron Senior Support Team Member & First Line Supervisor

Adam Steel AutoSIM Team Member

Matt Geldart Software Developer

Mia Cargan Finance Administrator

Emma Bonney Senior Support Team Member & Training Coordinator

Andrew Hart Sales Consultant

Jane Kinsley Marketing Manager (New Business)

Leanne Rutherford Senior Success Team Member

Lynden Park Software Developer

Damon Sharp Hardware Configuration Administrator

Euan Forsyth Success Team Member

Melissa Kendall Junior Administrator

Laura Foster Support Team Member

Renata Witek Quality Assurance Analyst

Will Collett Software Developer

Alexis QA Tester

Nathanael East Onboarding Team Member

Connor Sargent Web Designer

Joe Singleton Digital Marketing Team Member

Lucie Moore Digital Marketing Team Member

Chloe Price Support Team Member

Mark Wallwork Sales Consultant

Kit Roberts SIM Data Administrator

Holly Morton Sales Development Representative

Olisa Umenyiora Junior Web Designer

Calum Ross Support Team Member

Max Southwood Infrastructure Engineer

Amy Shepherd Credit Control and Finance Administrator

Oliver Aveyard Junior Software Developer

Adam Foakes Onboarding Team Member

Amanda Gaynor Software Developer

Charlotte Support Team Member

Nathan Hughes Creative Marketing Coordinator

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