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Cloud POS Workshop

A handy piece of kit that helps you run your workshop more efficiently.

Schedule and track jobs with the flexibility to handle unexpected parts and labour, while keeping your customer up-to-date.

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A clear, flexible calendar

Booking jobs in to the Cloud POS Workshop is really simple. The standard calendar format gives you a clear understanding of what you've got on and mechanic availability. You've got total control and flexibility to make changes as you need to.

The software is designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of your workshop. The calendar allows you to gauge accurate turnaround times, so you can let customers know when their bike will be ready. This means bikes are in and out again quickly, improving efficiency so you can get through more jobs.

Easy to maintain records

Because all your workshop tasks are in one place, they're easy to find and there's no confusion about who's doing what, when and what work is needed. Workshop staff can see and make notes on each job, as well as update the job status. It's clear to see if a bike has been checked in, is awaiting parts or has been completed.

You can see what's needed on upcoming jobs, so you can make sure you've got all the parts you need ahead of time. Mechanics can quickly log work done, scanning parts in as the job progresses. This helps make sure that all work and components are accounted for in the final bill. The result: a faster turnaround of bikes, better time management and increased profitability.

Keeping customers up to date

With Cloud POS Workshop it's easy to keep in touch with your customers by text or by email. To save time, you can create your own templates. If there's unexpected work or parts needed it's quick and easy to send a message, straight from the workshop job.

Once the job's finished, staff can contact the customer to tell them their bike's ready for collection. They can do this by phone, email or through the built in SMS facility. All these handy features make for a great service, helping to strengthen your relationship with the customer.

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