All the data you need to make better decisions, right at your fingertips.

Cloud Reports is a comprehensive set of reports that give you a clear overview of your business, and enables you to zoom on any particular area. It's full of essential analysis that makes Cloud Reports an invaluable tool for independent retailers.

Intelligent, seasonal reporting

A simple philosophy for seasonal retail

Seasonal retail needs seasonal reporting. Whatever your business goals, this concept is key in creating a sustainable, profitable business.

Intelligent, seasonal reporting

The percent of sales that is profit

Take a look at your Achieved Margin

Buying stock that gives you a good Achieved Margin makes sense - a better Achieved Margin equals a bigger profit - but do you know what margin you achieve on each of your brands?

Cloud Reports clearly shows your Achieved Margin for each Brand, Department and Season. It's so easy to find the info you need to help inform your buying decisions, as well as forecasting and day-to-day decisions like whether you can offer a discount.

How many weeks it will take to sell through your current stock

Use your Weeks Cover to inform buying

Seasonal stock usually has a certain window of time when it sells at full margin and then a sales period at the end of the season. Weeks Cover report helps judge how much stock you need for that window.

A Weeks Cover number of 26 means that current stock levels will cover us for 26 weeks of trading, based on past sales.

Ideally, you want the majority of your cash invested in brands that offer you a good profit, and that you sell at a healthy pace.

If you're selling through your stock at a fair rate and achieving a solid margin on those sales you're going to be in a really good position.

Review, refine and repeat

Keeping an eye on your Weeks Cover will help to keep your cash-flow healthy, ensuring that your money is working for you in products that sell well. Carefully watching your Achieved Margin is key in generating a good profit.

Generate good profit

A proven success

Citrus-Lime has worked closely with independent retailers for more than two decades, developing software to best support their success.

This philosophy has been an integral part of a number of retailers' journey to success, supporting sustainability and growth.

  • Cloud Reports is a phenomenal tool.
    Quote by Tom, Business Owner, Working Class Heroes
  • There isn't much about your business you can't find out from Cloud Reports
    Quote by Tom, Business Owner, Working Class Heroes

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