Citrus-Lime's Retail Philosophy: Improve stock turn, maximise achieved margin.

From streamlining the sales process based on decades of experience in seasonal retail (fashion, lifestyle, cycle, equestrian), to managing your inventory and importing product data directly from your supplier(s) using Supplier Integration, everything about Citrus-Lime POS is designed to fit the ever-changing operational needs of retailers. Get complete control of your finances with pin point per season analysis of brands achieved margin and weeks cover: easy-to-action reports that will help you take decisions that boost your cash flow and help maximise profits.

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Created by retailers, for retailers.

Every line of code for Cloud POS has been wrote from scratch and it's been designed and developed by retail professionals, for use by our retail customers. This allows us to provide the best possible platform to help you make the most of your time.

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For a business who was stuck in the past and unable to see what margin they are achieving, it just makes such a massive difference! Whatever it costs; it saves you that, and then some just by making your processes more efficient!
Quote by Stuart, Cycle Retailer
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Improved customer service

Fulfilling orders more effectively and accurately displaying products' availability are key for offering a good customer experience.

A retailer who knows and can display accurately the stock they have available is able to satisfy customers looking for the product a lot easier than those who don't. It's obvious really, not knowing what it is in stock makes harder to fulfil orders. Not only does this mean you are offering a better customer experience but you'll also improve stock turn.

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Reduced labour costs

Your staff operate more efficiently when properly managed processes are in place.

Dealing with stock uses up staff time, whether it's moving, storing or collecting for a customer order. A suitably managed process reduces the time taken for these activities. It also minimises mistakes such as lost products, therefore reducing wasted time and labour costs.

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Managed inventory costs

A stock control system enables you to manage levels to fulfill demand and not over stock, avoiding unnecessary costs and risk.

Storing unsuitable levels of stock may have many implications to cash flow and unnecessary costs. Implications you may have noticed such as large upfront investments in stock can damage your cash flow, cost of storage and increased risk (such as damage, devalued stock or theft) A stock control system enables you to manage levels to fulfil demand and not over stock.

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Constant updates — for free

We constantly update our products and services to keep you up to date with new technologies and trends. No hidden costs; upgrades are free of charge.

We build systems to last and grow with your business. All of our products are modular meaning you can choose the options that suit you. Then as you grow and want more functionality and abilities you can add the Citrus-Lime building blocks as you go.

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