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Cloud Point of Sale & Stock Management

Cloud POS

From just per month

  • Free hardware, no set-up fees *
  • Complimentary Lifetime Support and Training
  • Guided Configuration and Roll-Out
  • Cloud Reports business intelligence platform included
  • Customer Rewards loyalty platform included
  • Simple pathway to Integrated Ecommerce with industry-leading Click & Collect

*Contract duration dependent

The End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution

Cloud POS & Ecommerce

From just per month

(upgrade to Ecommerce from per month)

  • Free hardware, no set-up fees *
  • Complimentary Lifetime Support and Training
  • Guided Configuration and Roll-Out
  • Cloud Reports business intelligence platform included
  • Professional, Mobile First Ecommerce Design & Implementation
  • Industry-leading Click & Collect
  • Fully integrated, real-time stock control and order management
  • Customer Rewards loyalty platform included

*Contract duration dependent

Our costs are limited.
Your success isn't.

Select your monthly sales to see how much you can save with Citrus-Lime

Alternative Provider with Variable Costs
per month +2% of sales
Citrus-Lime Fixed Cost
per month
3saving per month

Common Questions & Considerations

Is a Fixed Price model right for me?

Almost certainly. It depends, of course, on the scale of your ambition or what revenues you are currently achieving, if you are already running a successful ecommerce platform.

Citrus-Lime provides a Fixed Price model to deliver our End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution. We believe that this is the best solution for our customers.

Alternative platforms offer a lower monthly fee and couple that with a Per Transaction Fee (typically 2% of revenue).

As you begin to make a success of your business, the cost of ownership begins to rise alongside it.

For example, if your basic platform is costing you 150 per month to support and you are achieving sales of just 10,000 per month, then the Citrus-Lime Fixed Price and Variable Cost model of an alternative platform is essentially equal (150 + 2% of 10k @ 200 = 350).

However, as you continue to grow, the cost of owning Citrus-Lime's End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution remains fixed and you are ready to race away from your overheads.

With the Variable Cost model of the alternatives, your costs continue to rise in tandem with your sales revenue.

For example, with a modest ambition of achieving 42,000 in monthly sales revenues, the Variable Cost model of alternative providers results in a monthly support fee of 990 (almost 12,000 a year).

But, no matter where your ambition takes you, the fixed cost of supporting your Citrus-Lime solution remains predictable and low.

Are there alternative ways to pay for my solution?

Yes! We are flexible in this regard. But, given the typical business plan for a retailer is about 5 years, it is uncommon for a Retailer to choose a retail system that they don't plan on committing to for at least the same amount of time.

So, typically, new Citrus-Lime customers will choose to sign-up on a 36 month agreement. This is the most cost-effective way to take ownership of the End-to-End solution we provide as it means that there are no up-front Hardware, Software or Training costs to budget for.

However, we provide options for 12 month contract or even a 30-Day Rolling agreement. Dependent on your requirements, this will mean that some or all of the Hardware, Software and Training costs will need to be paid up-front.

Are there other costs I should be aware of?

Sadly, there are always costs for doing business (particularly with regards to providing your customers with the option of shopping online), but this is common to all Retailers not just Citrus-Lime customers. Fortunately, these costs are predictable and the benefits always outweigh the negatives.

So, depending on your business, you may need to consider additional costs such as:

  • Merchant Services (variable based on your chosen provider)
  • In-store Card Processing & Hardware rental (eg. Payment Sense - £25/mth + variable transaction fees)
  • Online Card Processing (eg. Opayo)
  • Alternative Payment Methods (like PayPal, Apple Pay, Klarna or V12 Finance - variable)
  • Channel Fees (such as Google Shopping, Amazon or eBay - variable)
  • Postcode Look-ups (Optional, usage dependent)
  • Courier-specific Labels (Optional, usage dependent)
  • Customer Rewards Active Accounts (Usage dependent)
When I choose to proceed, what happens next?

Citrus-Lime is sensitive to the anxieties new customers can feel when undertaking change. If you are ready to speak with a member of the Project Team, the next thing to do is get in touch. You can call us anytime Monday to Friday (08.30 to 17.30) to begin exploring your options. Alternatively, you can complete our Enquiry Form.

Once we have spent the time understanding your objectives, proposed the right solution for you and the paperwork is out of the way, you will be introduced to our expert Delivery Team. Our experienced team of specialists will work with you to produce a schedule of delivery, help you to understand your responsibilities and arrange appropriate training for you and your colleagues.

What happens once I go live with my solution?

Don't worry. You aren't alone after you go live with your End-to-End retail solution. Once you have signed off with the Delivery Team, you will be introduced to the Support Team. This dedicated and friendly team is there to help you build confidence and get the most out of your investment every day.

Also, whether you are planning to take on the world or just looking to build a sustainable business for you and your colleagues, the Citrus-Lime Success Team will be delighted to help guide you on your journey. The Success Team is populated by a knowledgeable team with years of real-world experience in specialist retail and overseen by a Citrus-Lime Director with over 20 years of experience in Business Development.

If I need to leave, will Citrus-Lime help me?

Though exceedingly rare, it can happen. Changes in business strategy direction may mean that you need to make adjustments to the software that supports your new objectives. If that day comes, then we will help in any way we reasonably can to help you make that transition as painless as possible.

From Beginning to End-to-End in record time

See how our managed web listing service, AutoSIM, can dramatically reduce your project setup time.

Hardware Ships

Cloud POS Training

Ecommerce Build

Ecommerce Training

Day 1

Sign-up with Citrus-Lime

Day 14

Cloud POS Launch

Day 30

Typical Ecommerce Launch
with Cloud POS and AutoSIM

Day 90

Typical Ecommerce Launch
without AutoSIM

Other amazing benefits...

Supplier Integration & Managed Web Listings Service

Increase profits, control costs and tighten up your supply chain with this exclusive Citrus-Lime Service

SIM (Supplier Integration Module) ensures that item data is kept up-to-date and accurate on an ongoing basis, speeding up all the processes that require the use of supplier data, saving time and money every day.

For Citrus-Lime Ecommerce integrated users, our managed web listings service (AutoSIM) makes setting up new products faster and easier than ever before, and activates them automatically when they are in stock. This dramatically shortens the time it takes to start selling new stock online, reducing over-hang at season end for a more profitable season overall.

Workshop & Service Centre Management

Increase efficiency, speed up service and delight customers with Citrus-Lime's unrivalled Workshop Module

Get total control with the Workshop Module. Scheduling work is a breeze in the flexible calendar, with clear notes and job status, improving efficiency and turnaround time. Keep in touch with automated texts and emails, helping to provide that first class service that keeps customers coming back to you.

Industry-Leading Click & Collect

Maintain store footfall, increase sales & gain new customers with Citrus-Lime's sophisticated Click & Collect solution

Our market-leading Click & Collect solution delivers confidence to your customers so that they know that a visit to the shop is guaranteed to be a success. Improving sales online and in-store, Citrus-Lime Click & Collect extends a high-level of customer service to modern, multi-channel consumers.
Multi-channel loyalty with Customer Rewards

Engage customers, inspire loyalty & reduce discounting with our multi-channel Customer Rewards engine

Customer Rewards works on the promise of future savings on the next purchase. This reduces discounting, protecting the value of branded goods as well as improving profitability. Whichever way your customers prefer to shop, you can reward their loyalty and offer a meaningful incentive for them to come back and buy from you again.

Managed Google Shopping Campaign Service

Our Success Team can help you reach a wider audience, increase site traffic, improve brand recognition and more

Our deep understanding of seasonal data, pricing and inventory drives us to out-perform all known competitors in the management of Google Shopping campaigns. This makes Citrus-Lime the choice for motivated businesses determined to grow in the competitive world of seasonally-driven, high value, branded goods retail.

Our industry-specific insight enables us to expertly interpret the data gathered through our unique, End-to-End Cloud Retail platform to shape highly effective campaigns that deliver results.

Actionable Business Intelligence with built-in Cloud Reports

Our easy-to-use, complimentary reporting suite can assist you with the management of your business

Cloud Reports is a comprehensive set of reports that give you a clear overview of your business, and enables you to zoom on any particular area. It's full of essential analysis that makes Cloud Reports an invaluable tool for independent retailers.

Optional Specialist Add-ons

Why not customise your package with any of the following?

All prices on this web site are subject to change without notice.

Comparison Table

Main Features Cloud POS Shopify POS Vend Lightspeed ePOS Now
Complete inventory system
Zero upfront cost
Dynamic supplier integration
Automatic web product activation
Web listing import tool
Item import tool
Custom reorder points
Purchase order management
Complete multi store management
Special orders and layaways
Customer relationship management
Built-in Loyalty Programme
Complete built-in interactive reporting
Cloud-based across all devices
Track service and work orders
Extensive network of integrations
1:1 onboarding and comprehensive support
Fixed, predicatable costs
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