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Click & Collect

Citrus-Lime's market-leading Click & Collect turns browsers into buyers, boosting sales both
online and in-store
and ensuring that your store continues to be a hub for your customers.

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Better customer service

Equal to price and availability, convenience is a key consideration for anyone considering a purchase.

Click & Collect enables consumers to avoid delivery charges, and means they can get hold of their purchase faster and at a time that suits them. A popular choice in retail, Click & Collect is a compelling opportunity for all retailers.


With Cloud POS, your local stock is always represented accurately online.

This builds trust in your brand, delivering confidence to your customers so that they know a visit to the shop is guaranteed to be a success. The clear and reliable visibility of what is in stock and available to buy right now is what makes Cloud POS with Click & Collect a market-leader.

The vital link

Click & Collect is the vital link between your Ecommerce website and physical shop. By drawing local customers who are browsing online into the shop, Click & Collect empowers retailers to serve their local community better, creating more opportunities to build relationships, and to add extra items to the sale.

Customers spend more

As customers collect their order it's the perfect opportunity to add extra items to the sale. A whopping 85% of Click & Collect customers do this, increasing the total they spend each time. Those extra items added during pick up lead to a meaningful increase in Average Order Value.

Engage your customers

Click & Collect generates more face-to-face interaction with your customers as they pop in to collect. It's another opportunity for retailers to build a stronger presence with their local (and sometimes not-so-local) customer base, keeping your shop in the mind of your local customer, encouraging repeat visits and inspiring loyalty.

Multisite ready

Part of the End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution, Click & Collect handles multiple locations with ease. Thanks to the powerful stock control at the core of the platform, real-time accurate stock availability across multiple locations is clearly shown on your Ecommerce site. A customer can browse your website, discover which locations have their chosen item in stock and choose where to collect.

Click & Collect Key Features

  • Real-Time Stock Availability
  • Multisite Ready
  • Accurate Lead Times
  • Stock Location Visibility
  • Postcode Lookup
  • Custom Rule Functionality


  • Click & Collect is a big part of our revenue. Huge. Tom Bowden - Owner, Working Class Heroes.
  • Click & Collect is an expected part of having an impressive web offering. It's reassuring to customers and reflects well on our business. Eamon Barrett - Director, Altitude.
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