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AutoSIM: what's in it for you?

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Save time and sell more

AutoSIM generates massive time savings for you because it automatically activates products on your ecommerce site as soon as stock is booked in to Cloud POS. No more researching individual product details, no more manually keying in the info and no more data entry errors.

The enhanced product pages make your ecommerce site look slick, consistent and professional. By linking with your suppliers, you always have eyes on what stock's available so you never miss a sales opportunity.

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Enhanced product data for a better online experience

As you check your stock in, fully optimised products activate on your website. Products are up online the same day, without any extra work from you. Capitalise on consumer interest in the latest stock that's available to buy right now, giving you a better chance of selling at full margin.

With AutoSIM, there's no work required from you so it gives you the longest possible window to promote your stock, reducing the prospect of discounting. Each individual listing has been specifically optimised for search so it stands the best chance of being found on Google.

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Fully optimised product listings

Supplier product data can vary wildly and changes continuously. So, we've partnered with a range of leading brands and suppliers, across the cycling, equestrian and outdoor spaces, to fully optimise their products with all the detailed information you need to really showcase your stock.

The data AutoSIM includes are product code, price, short and long descriptions, technical specifications, sizes, weights, colours and images. It's fast, accurate and reliable. If you want, you can even add your own spin on product information to make it more personal to your store.

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Automatic SIM Product Activation (AutoSIM)

Let Citrus-Lime optimise your product setup for you!

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