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Customer Rewards

Citrus-Lime Customer Rewards works online and in-store, empowering retailers to
engage customers and inspire loyalty in a sustainable, meaningful way.

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In-store and online

Customer Rewards works on the promise of future savings on your next purchase. Each purchase enables the customer to earn points, which they can then use to save money on a future purchase.

Whichever way your customers prefer to shop, whether that's online with doorstep delivery or if browsing online leads to a shop visit, you can reward their loyalty. Customer Rewards offers a meaningful incentive for your customers to come back and buy from you again.

Motivate return visits

Customers start thinking about their next purchase as soon as they have earned points with Customer Rewards, considering what they could use their points on next time. They're already mentally planning to come back to buy from you again.

Customers are also more likely to check out your shop first the next time they need to make a purchase. They know they can use their rewards points, and that they'll earn more on the next visit too.

Reduce discounting

Because you can choose the rate at which customers earn points, Customer Rewards helps Retailers to keep their margins healthy and to eliminate on-the-spot discounting. Not all customers redeem their points, and those that do tend to make higher value purchases.

Customer Rewards protects the retail value of branded goods (an approach favoured by the Brands). The items being bought are still valued at the same price, but your customers are able to use points they have previously earned to help them save money. This prevents customers from always expecting discount prices.

Build loyalty

Customer Rewards helps you to stay present in your customers' minds. You have a good reason to keep in touch, letting customers know the balance on their account and any promotions that might interest them, keeping your business fresh in their memory.

Customers will always have rewards to use, so there's always a reason to buy from you specifically because they'll always have points on their account. It's a perpetual cycle - each purchase generates points.

Customer Rewards Key Features

  • Unlimited Customer Rewards Accounts
  • Fully-Integrated
  • Multiple locations
  • In-store and Online
  • Easy Customer Look-Up
  • Automated Customer Communications
  • Customer Rewards Reporting and Analysis


  • Customer Rewards is well worth it. The cost of acquisition of a new customer is high anyway, so if you've already got a customer and you give them 5% off their next purchase, it's actually quite cheap acquisition. There's a high usage of them and it's very good. It helps build a brand. Tom, Working Class Heroes Owner.
  • It's been brilliant! Now everyone's getting 5% of what they spend in points on their account. That money equates to 2.5-3% [of margin] to us and it's all back in our door rather than over the road or somewhere else. Dan Stringer, Ride Bikes Owner.
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