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bike.rent Manager

Citrus-Lime and bike.rent Manager (BRM) have formed a partnership to build an integration between Cloud POS and BRM's Rental Management Software.

The integration provides bike shops worldwide with a foundation for growth, revenue and customer engagement.

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The secure integration sends key financial information from Cloud POS to Xero

Retail, Repair and Rental Services

Manage the three main pillars of a modern bike shop, retail, repair and Rental. Cloud POS, Workshop and BRM are specifically designed for cycle retailers, the integration enables you to manage your retail, repair and Rental services through one system. Using Cloud POS Ecommerce and Workshop you can co-ordinate Rental bookings, sell stock, book in services and manage your business.

Online Rental Bookings

Open your store to the world by allowing people to book rentals online. Secure more business by offering online booking and make the management of this super easy through the BRM and Cloud POS integration.

Streamline your Business

Having everything on one platform creates more efficiency in the sales process. By merging your customer accounts into Cloud POS you can identify your loyal customers and market to them. You can also coordinate services on your rental stock so all bikes remain operational and revenue generating.

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