If it’s difficult to find things, and there’s no clue as to whether they’re in stock, it can make the buying process frustrating. Deliveries aren’t always convenient either. People lead busy lives and often don’t have time to wait in for them.

This is why click and collect is such a great alternative.

Many retailers, however, view click and collect as an add on to their delivery service, giving customers the option of collecting goods at the point of payment. The problem with this is that customers can go all the way through the online buying process, entering bank details and a billing address, only to then find the item isn’t in stock.

Cloud POS Click & Collect turns the process on its head by offering click and collect as an option as soon as shoppers start browsing your site. It also shows if the item is in stock. If customers can see an item is available right at the beginning of their search, they’re more likely to buy it. 

If the product isn’t available, Cloud POS Click & Collect will show when it will be in stock. And, if you have more than one store, it will identify which store does have the product or when it will be available for pickup at a preferred location. All customers need to do is enter their post or zip code, select a store and opt to click and collect.

Of course, stock that’s displayed as available on your website should hold true in the storeroom. Cloud POS Click & Collect is linked directly to the live stock positions of your business. So, when a product is sold – whether it’s online or in store – it will come off the overall stock levels. This mitigates the risk of overselling or selling stock you don’t have. It also avoids disappointing your customers who eagerly arrive at your shop to collect their goods, only to find the item isn’t available.

The simplicity and efficiency of Cloud POS Click & Collect make it a powerful tool for increasing your online sales. If you’re interested in learning more about it, get in touch.