In retail, one-time customers are the proverbial elephant in the room. While they add a welcome bonus to the bottom line, the mere whiff of a better deal sees them trotting off to spend money elsewhere.

Of course, you can tempt them with discounts at the till, but all that does is chip away at your profits. Besides, stats show discounts aren’t always the golden ticket to bringing shoppers back for more.

So, what’s a savvy retailer to do? The answer lies in a killer customer loyalty program.

Imagine if your store is THE go-to place for your customers whenever they’re on the hunt for something new. Whether they’re lying on the sofa browsing online or wandering through your aisles, they’ll think of you first. And why? Because you’ve given them a good reason to.

Cloud POS Loyalty is a nifty programme that takes the guesswork out of turning one-time customers into repeat purchasers. By rewarding customers with points every time they shop with you, they can redeem them to get a discount on future purchases. It’s a win-win situation; your customers feel the love and you get to enjoy the spoils of repeat business.

Cloud POS Loyalty isn’t just for your brick-and-mortar store either, it works online too. So, no matter where your customers are shopping, they’re collecting points. Those points translate in to sales so it all goes back on your bottom line.

You can control how many points are awarded and how long they last. Each member of your Cloud POS Loyalty scheme receives a monthly statement, so they know where they’re up to. Meanwhile, you get to learn what incentives yield the best points redemption.

If you think this sounds like it will help you keep customers coming back, get in touch, we’d love to chat!