Having an ecommerce site certainly solves the problem of 24/7 access to your stock. But providing a well-rounded customer experience isn’t just about having a website; it’s about giving your customers options.

Choice is the name of the game for winning the hearts and minds of customers. Given that shopping now starts online, it’s important to have a slick and professional website. Not only has it got to look good, but it needs to work well and contain all the information customers need to make a purchasing decision.

What customers are looking for

Product details must be optimised for search so that they show up when ‘Googled’. This means item information should provide the customer with everything they need to know about a product in order to add it to their basket.

Cash is no longer the main method of payment, so customers need different options. Alternative payment services, such as PayPal or Apple Pay encourage sales conversions. Offering finance or paying in instalments also adds to that all important customer choice.

Not only that, shoppers want different ways to take ownership of their goods. Whether they head to your store, get them delivered or plump for Click & Collect, it all adds to the shopping experience.

What you need

As a retailer, you need a system that provides everything customers demand from a multi-channel offer and more. A system that keeps you up to date with supplier stock levels, so you always have eyes on what’s available and when. A system that keeps track of your stock positions and is great for handling special orders on behalf of customers.

You also need a platform that allows you to identify what stock is selling well as opposed to that which isn’t. A platform that helps you make decisions about where you’re achieving your margins and which stock to discount and when.

A simple solution

Citrus-Lime’s End-to-End Retail Solution combines all these elements in one to help you run your business. It’s an affordable system that starts with Cloud POS and can be added to as your business grows.

Ecommerce takes care of your web offering while AutoSIM takes away the effort and energy required to list stock on your site. We have over 70,000 products from major brands and suppliers optimised for search. Don’t spend hours typing in descriptions, technical specs or sourcing product images. Instead, as soon as you book stock in to Cloud POS, stock is automatically activated on your website.

We support a host of payment options that fit with customer needs, while Click & Collect provides convenience and Courier Integration takes care of those who prefer to have purchases delivered direct to their door.

The final piece of the jigsaw is customer retention. Customer Rewards incentivises repeat purchases by inspiring customers to come back to you. Using points, they earn from a previous buy, they can get money off their next shop online or in-store.

An easy way to run your business

Having all these facilities in one place avoids the pitfalls of having a system that’s made up of different kit from different suppliers. This is a godsend if you have an issue because you don’t have the headache of dealing with several service providers; it’s all on one platform

The End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution has been specifically designed to make your work life easier. That way, you can get on with running your business while the End-to-End Solution takes care of the rest.