Updates include key business information displayed on a handy summary screen. Total sales by week and month and by department help retailers check performance ‘at a glance’. There’s also an option to show stock that’s only available locally. This is ideal for multistore retailers sourcing products by location.

On tablet, Cloud POS 2.0 is even more refined, which makes it particularly useful.

Retailers can take advantage of its versatility to build orders when walking the shop floor with a customer. Equally, having the portability of EPOS and stock control on tablet lends itself well for use at shows and events.

Equine retailers can take Cloud POS with them to customers premises for saddle fittings. Mobile mechanics will find Cloud POS easy to transport.

For retailers with service centres, having Cloud POS on a handheld device enables them to keep track of the parts and progress of jobs in the workshop where space can be limited.

Neil McQuillan, Founder and Chief Software Architect at Citrus-Lime, said: “We’re always looking at ways to help customers. Our investment in Cloud POS ensures they have the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips.

“As part of this ongoing work, we make a point of understanding how we can better service customers. We do this through regular communication with them, research and through our feedback forum, Canny.

“In fact, some of the features introduced in Cloud POS 2.0 are a direct result of suggestions made by customers. The ongoing updates, and improved user experience, of Cloud POS come at no extra cost to customers.

“The retail environment is changing rapidly and, as a business, our customers success is our success. This may appear clichéd, but it’s true. It’s this philosophy that drives our commitment to improving Cloud POS, so retailers can remain competitive.”