A great-looking site catches the eye, but the real magic happens when you’ve got the lowdown on your products right there. Think detailed descriptions, images and technical specifications; the things that make customers decide: “Yep, this is what I want”.

When customers can see all the info about a product upfront, it’s much easier for them to make a purchase. It’s like putting your stock on display in a store – there’s less chance people will walk out without buying anything. Better still, it’s less likely they’ll end up returning something because it wasn’t quite right. That’s because all the information they need to buy online is in front of them.

But here’s the thing. Getting all that product data on your site is a chore. It can take ages to research and even longer to get up online. Some retailers employ a dedicated person to do this, but that can come at an extra cost and/or result in one less face in the shop.

The good news, however, is that Cloud POS Supplier Integration takes the time (and hassle) out of adding all this data manually. It automates the whole process of updating your website with product details the moment you book your stock in.

Tech specs, images, short descriptions, long descriptions, sizes and colours get added to your site when your stock arrives. It’s as simple as that. Customers can easily find what they’re looking for and all that crucial product data goes on your website as soon as stock hits the shop floor.

Cloud POS Supplier Integration is a game changer for website management. And, of course, the less time spent working on your website means more time on other areas of your business. So, not only do you free up more time, but your customers get a top-notch online shopping experience.

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